Moniqua Skinner

We want to welcome all the kids back to school this year.  We hope your family had a fun, safe and healthy summer!  Hopefully we all have a healthy school year! 


We want to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of the Emergency Medical form.  By completing the Emergency Medical forms, the nurse is made aware of all your child’s health conditions.  Even if the student is currently not having any problems related to their health condition, it is important to know the students complete medical background if symptoms should reappear while at school.  If your child has a history of a condition but no recent episodes, simply write that on the form.  If you completed this form in the past, do not assume that the nurse is aware of any previous conditions.  All health conditions, old and new, need to be written on the Emergency Medical form every year.  In addition, the Emergency Medical form is used to contact you or a responsible adult in case of an emergency.  We call only when necessary, however, it becomes difficult if phone numbers have changed.  Please let us know as soon as possible when a number has changed, it will make it easier to contact you if your child is not well or injured.  If you have concerns regarding your child’s health conditions, please feel free to contact the Nurse through the school.

Once again, we will not be administering Over-the-Counter medications at school unless there is a physician documented problem.  If you feel your child needs an OTC medication while at school, you must contact the school nurse to discuss the situation. 


Please remember, NO medication should be sent to school with ANY student.  Meds must be brought in and picked up from school by an ADULT!


 All medications require proper forms to be completed prior to administration to the student.  Any prescription medications must have a form completed by the physician also.  If your child has prescription meds to be given every day at school, contact the nurse for the appropriate forms PRIOR to the first day of school.  If your child has an allergy requiring an EPI PEN, PLEASE, PLEASE bring one to school!  We need it for the safety and wellness of your child!

It is required that the appropriate immunizations be given in order for students to attend school.  Kindergartners, 7th graders, and now 12th graders have required immunizations.  You will need to provide this immunization documentation to the school as soon as possible.  If your child has not received the required immunizations, you will need to make arrangements to get them immediately.  Please call the Miami or Darke County Health Departments for information and the times when they provide this service.  Not receiving these immunizations may cause your child to be excluded from school until they are given.


Thanks for all your understanding and promptness in these health matters.  We have your child’s best interest in mind when considering their health and how it may affect your child while at school.


Please call 448-2811 ext. 1103 if you have any questions.  Please leave a message if the nurse is unavailable, and she will return your call as soon as possible.


Mrs. Moniqua Skinner , Nurse