April 6-10, 2020 Week 4

Week 4 Assignments

*No packet provided for this week



  • Math/Writing Alternative
    • Draw and color a picture using only shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, ovals). Write three sentences about your picture.


  • OG:
    • Play ZAP! OR Fidget Spinner Race
      • If you have a fidget spinner take the red words from your ZAP game, spinner the spinner, and see how many Red words you can read before the spinner stops spinning
  • Phonics:
  • Reading:
    • Grab at least 2 books and find a spot to read. It's your choice! Read outside, in your bedroom, or even in a blanket fort with a flashlight. Read by yourself, to a pet, or a family member.
  • Writing:
    • Free Write
      • You pick any topic you want and write me a story
      • Must have a minimum of five sentences and all must be checked with COPS.
      • Picture is optional
  • Math:


  • Math Alternative:
    • Do something math-related with an adult. Play a math game from APTT or follow a recipe. Your choice. Let me know what you did if you chose this option.


    • If you have completed all of your assignments and have turned them in, take a break. You deserve it. I am so PROUD of you! Keep up the hard work.
    • You may still work on any of the online programs over break if you wish!
    • Happy Easter!