April 1 Assignment

Photo Scavenger Hunt  - Due today, April 1

Look around your house and find the following items. Then take a picture of it. Email me the images.  Remember to take the pictures at different angles, just not a straight on shot. A few of them can be a straight shot.


  1. Bradford Item

  2. Something blue

  3. Something green

  4. A square item

  5. A circular item

  6. A food item

  7. Something hanging on a wall in your house

  8. A door in your house

  9. A book

  10. A cup or glass


I need 10 different pictures.

Example: I have a green stepping stone, so I would need to decide if I want that as a green item or a circular item. I can’t use the same object for green and circular. So I will use the green stepping stone as my circular item.  So for my green item, I will use my green vase with orange and green carnations.


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