Week 1

Welcome to Week 1.

All papers needed to complete week 1 were sent home with on Friday, March 13th. 

Listed are the papers and a brief explanation. Please feel free to Dojo, email, or call the school to get in touch with me if there are any question.

1. Newpaper and scavenger hunt- 

     Students are very familiar with this activity and all symbols have been pre-written. 

2. Newspaper and scavenger hunt-

    There were 2 sent home, one is for the E-day.

3. The multicolor-layered paper with different branches of government is to take notes on.

   Visit the website and add notes to each branch of the government. Notes to include would be the jobs, who is in the  branch, and the main location. For example, Executive Branch has the President which is located at The White House. 

  This website will help each of you complete this weeks assignments. If you click on the link then you will easily be able to locate each branch of the government. 



4. Branches Cut/Paste-

  Simply cut and paste the correct description of each branch. 

5. Penny Timeline-

Students are to find 5 pennies (or any loose change). Write down the year and research an event that occured that year. It might be helpful to stick to a theme to research, for example video game releases or hit songs. 

Then create a timeline with those 5 years and label the event/year. Remember to label years before adding dates. The timeline needs to be spaced appropriately. (We went over this last time). 

Again, PLEASE Dojo or email any questions you may have!!! 

We can get through this smileyheartheart

Mrs. Unthank