Day 3-5

Hello All.

Just like Isatou created a use to reuse plastic bags, so you are. You challenge is to create a use for plastic bags. Since she already created a purse, please choose something different. Also please do not just use them as a bag because that is nothing new.

I want you to use the attached template to plan out your design and think through all of the steps. You will also be creating your planned item so choose something you can actually create. The only supplies you are allowed to use are plastic bags, scissors, and tape. THATS ALL! (please don't cheat)

To do-
1. copy/paste link to address bar and watch the short clip.

2. Complete the brainstorming template that is attached below.

3. Turn in the brainstorm template and a picture of what you created. On Friday, when we have our Google Meet- I would like to see what you created and share with others. Everyone will have their own thing and there is no right or wrong way to this project.

Be creative. Have fun. Use your brain and think outside the box.
Have a fantastic time doing this STEM project.
Enjoy your weekend.
Mrs. Unthank


**Papers needed can be found on Google Classroom**