Day 2

Happy Tuesday!
Yesterday, you should have listened to One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul. The story was based on a true story and Isatou Ceesay is an actual person. The author visited the country in Africa and worked with Isatou to write the story. How amazing of a story and creative mind!!!!

Today you are going to read a short passage about the inspirational Isatou and answer a few questions. The answers can be found in the passage and you brain :)
Your responses should be complete sentences!!!!! <--------- Yes, more than one word on a line!

To do-
1. <--- copy/paste to address bar. It is a short video with facts and pictures of The Gamia. Remember this is where Isatou is from/lives.
Read the passage about Isatou

2. Answer the questions in complete sentences

3. Go outside- take a break and enjoy the Spring weather. 

Have a great day,
Mrs. Unthank

**Passage and questions can be found in Google Classroom.