Day 5

Final Business Day.. you all made it!

Today I want you to reflect on your business and the different steps we have taken to build it. What worked? What didn't? What would you change? What worked well? Favorite Part? - (these are some sample questions to answer)

To do-

Reflection- you need to write at least 5 sentences reflection on your business. We have spent 3 weeks on this assignment, so I expect you to have more to say. There is reflection template on Google Classroom - you can print and write OR type on the document. Just make sure you submit the document to me. 

If you struggle with the template, you may simply type on Google Docs. 

IMPORTANT- This is our final week on the business unit. All assignments related to the business unit need to be submitted by today (Friday). After today, I will no longer accept assignments because we are moving on. 


Have a great weekend. Enjoy the weather!