Day 2-4

We are on the final week of our business study! 

***There have been so many AMAZING and creative ideas. I am proud of each of you heart

From Tuesday thru Thursday you will be creating advertisement for your business. Remember you want people to visit your business, so they need to know about you. The more customers the more money you make. 

To do-

Create 3 different forms of advertisement. 

On Google Classroom, you will find many templates of blank advertisement ideas. There is a webpage, social media, Instagram, business card, coupons, flyers, and even a jingle. You are able to print these pages and fill in your information. BE COLORFUL and CATCHY! If printing is not an option, simply create your own. If you print or create your own please get a picture of it to me. You can have send me a picture via email, Google Classroom, Google Docs, or Dojo.  You must choose 3 different advertisement ways. 

Be creative and have fun!