Day 1-3

It is ALMOST Spring Break!

We have a short week and then we get a nice break. 

You have 1 assignment for this short week. 

1. Design your business building or store front. You want people to be attracted to your business, so make it stand OUT. You want people to walk by your business and be so AMAZED they want to spend their money. Use colors and make it appealing. For this task you have 2 options..

Draw and color what your business will look like- I will attach a blank store front that can be printed on my Google Classroom. If you choose this option please take a picture and send it to me. Your parents can send it through Dojo or you may email with computer. 


Write at LEAST 5 sentences describing your business looks. You are 4th graders almost 5th graders-- Give me great sentences. 

Have a great Spring Break and Happy Easter!