Day 4

Happy Thursday!!!
I hope everyone is having a GREAT day!

Recap- Everyone should have submitted their menu but if you need to make changes that is fine- just let me know.

**Did you include 2 special items? Drinks? Variety for a whole family?  Will people want to choose your business?
If you feel great with your menu, we are moving onto PRICES! You can't give your food away for free (that would be nice though). You want to make a profit (make more than you spend).
1. Browse the internet, old menus, sample menus, or anything that might include prices. You want to make your items REALISTIC. No one will pay $50 for an ice-cream cone.. that would make you very rich but no one would visit your business.
2. Come up with some prices for your items. Use the menu you created and add prices to each item. If you are unsure feel free to email me about it. I can even do a Google Meets to discuss. Just let me know :)
3. The prices on the menu are due FRIDAY. I will look over them on the weekend and provide any suggestions. NOTHING NEEDS SUBMITTED TODAY!!
Take some time to read a book or magazine today :)