Day 3

Happy Wednesday!!!
Tasks for the day
1. Send a fellow classmate a text, email, or message letting them know how you are doing and just let them know you are thinking about them.

2. Menus are due today. I do not want you to worry about prices today. Just types what will be served and any options.
Topping Choices- Pepperoni, mushroom, onion. …….
Hawaiian Pizza- Ham, pineapple, cheese, and onion

Ice Cream-
Cookie and Cream Sundae- Vanilla ice cream with Oreo toppings.
Cone choices- waffle, sugar, or cake cone.

Create whatever options best suits your business. I will attach a blank menu for both pizza and ice-cream. If you want to print and fill in that is fine. If you want to create your own GoogleDoc and send me, that is fine. You may hand write it, whatever works best for you.

Have fun and be creative!!! I miss seeing each of you. I am here if you need anything or just need to talk. Enjoy your family time and non-stop comfy pants :) (pizza menu)  (ice cream menu)