Day 2

Happy Tuesday!
I hope everyone is having a great start to their week :)

Today we are going to continue to dive into the menu. Attached are several sample menus with different options. You are allowed to serve more than just pizza-- think bread sticks or calzones (if you know what those are). Pizza Hut and Papa Johns are ALWAYS advertising some crazy new addition to their menu. Dairy Queen has cakes, blizzards, and fun toppings. Cold Stone has so topic/flavor options.
Here are some example commercials of different ideas

Pizza Commercials of Unique Ideas

Ice Cream Commercials of Unique Ideas
3.  -- (sample pizza menu)  -- (sample ice-cream menu)

Tomorrow you will be submitting your menu rough drafts with all of your food options. You need 2 unique items and the rest is up to you. Remember you want to MAKE MONEY!!! Think of what will make customers happy. We will worry about pricing later.
Nothing will be submitted today.

Do something nice for your parents today--- run the sweeper, pick up your empty dishes, or just say thanks wink