Day 1

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was the best one yet :)

At this point you should have the following complete for your business
1. Type of Business
2. Name
3. Logo
4. Slogan

Now we are going to think about menu choices. In order to be a successful entrepreneur your business needs to bring customers. What could you sell to make people want to choose YOUR business??? There are at least a few pizza options in Bradford, why would people choose yours???

Brainstorm different food options that would bring people to your business. Attached are the results of the survey of 4th grade top choices. Choose popular wants and you are sure to get business.
You need at least 2 unique choices for your business. Something that will make you different, stand out!!
For example,
** Sarah's Pizza has mashed potato pizza
** Funky Monkeys lets you fill your sundae with what toppings of all kinds
** Pizza with Deer Sausage
-->Today I just want you to start thinking about options. Browse the internet, look at menus shoved in drawers at home, or look through an ad. <--
There is no assignment to turn in today:)  

(Copy Paste URL to see class votes)