Wednesday 4/15

Reading: Your totem poles should be half done. They are due Monday. I need to see some work of your totem poles in Google classroom for you to get points for doing work the last couple weeks. If there is nothing in their by today at 3:00 o'clock, you will not get points for your totem pole on your midterm. Midterms are due today. So, you need to put what ever you have done in the tab under the totem pole. It doesn't need to be submitted but there needs to be something there.


ELA: Today for your first journal prompt I want you to DESCRIBE  how your spring break was different than last year. This could include how you celebrated the easter holiday or if you were planning on going somewhere and couldn't, Etc. This should be 3 paragraphs long.  On the next slide, you need to create a picture collage representing your spring break. A collage is more than 2 pictures.  You will get two days to complete this. It should be done before Friday 4/17.