Tuesday 4/14

Reading: Your totem poles should be half done. They are  due Monday. I need to see some work of your totem poles in Google classroom for you to get points for doing work the last couple weeks. If there is nothing in their by tomorrow at 3:00 o'clock, you will not get points for your totem pole on your midterm. Midterms are due tomorrow. So, you need to put what ever you have done in the tab under the totem pole. It doesn't need to be submitted but there needs to be something there.


Today we are going to start the process of your daily journal over your experience with  COVID-19. What you will need to do is to create a google slide under this tab. You need to label it COVID Journal. Each day there will be a prompt for you to respond to. The journal prompts will be posted in google classroom. You will have to create a new slide to respond to that prompt.  I will number the prompts so you don't get messed up. Please put the prompt number at the top of each slide so I know which prompt it is.  Along with this journal, don't forget you need to do 45 minutes of Membean each week. It starts Monday - Saturday. So to get full points for this week you need to do 45 mins between April 13th- April 18th.


Today there isn't a journal. Today you need to create a title slide for your journal. It should include your first and last name and the title of the project. You can put a picture if you want or anything you would like to remember this far.