4/14 Tuesday

Today we are going to start the process of your daily journal over your experience with  COVID-19. What you will need to do is to create a google slide under this tab. You need to label it COVID Journal. Each day there will be a prompt for you to respond to. The journal prompts will be posted in google classroom. You will have to create a new slide to respond to that prompt.  I will number the prompts so you don't get messed up. Please put the prompt number at the top of each slide so I know which prompt it is.  Along with this journal, don't forget you need to do 45 minutes of Membean each week. It starts Monday - Saturday. So to get full points for this week you need to do 45 mins between April 13th- April 18th.


Today there isn't a journal. Today you need to create a title slide for your journal. It should include your first and last name and the title of the project. You can put a picture if you want or anything you would like to remember this far.