State Report Card

The state has issued the most recent district report card. It can be found at the following location:


While there are many negatives that the newspapers will highlight and you will see in our report, we want you to focus on some of the positives.  


1) We have 100% 4-year graduation rate and 97.8% 5-year graduation rate.  What that means is that all 44 of our students in the 2016 graduating class graduated within the four years allotted and those 45 students that started one year before that, only one did not graduate.  


2) We passed 5 of 23 indicators which doesn't sound like a lot (and it's not), but let's compare it to last year.  Last year we met 8 out of 29 indicators.  Even though it sounds like we went down in progress, they counted OGT scores through last year.  Since those 5 OGT indicators are no longer counting towards graduation, we actually had more value in our indicators this year.  In other words...take out those 5 OGT indicators, we only met 3 out of 24 indicators last year.


While we don't want to go through all of the line items of the report card, but there are pieces that we should be very proud of!   We have some improvements to make,, but please don't ever believe that this is the only piece that should evaluate our progress, our teaching staff, or our students or our school.


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