Update on Parking

Dear Parents,

    The car pick-up system is going quicker with students getting out to the cars and your help with this made a HUGE difference. The issue that we are having now is that there is congestion due to many factors,


  1. Elementary and high school picking up at the same time.

  2. Coming and going from the same entrance and exit.

  3. Excitement to see your child and be on your way.


   The set up we have is difficult for bringing congestion down. We have thought and continue to think about solutions to keep car pick-up students safe and the walkers safe as well. As of right now the three things that may be helpful are:.

  1. School isn’t out until 3:00 and arriving early at times can make the congestion worse.

  2. Make sure your number is displayed, if you do not have your number just make sure that your number is visible, even if it is on a piece of paper.

  3. Your patience is the biggest thing that helps. :)


  In the end know, we are a team and are continuing to try and make things safer for the students here at Bradford.


 If you have any suggestions please feel free to call me at 448-2811. Remember, it takes a village.




Michelle Lavey

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