Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions (update 3/31/20)

Last Updated: 3/31/2020 3:26 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions. Please keep in mind that the situation is changing rapidly and the answers to some of these questions can change. The date of the answer is listed so you are aware as to when this information was made available.


How can I get a question answered?

All are able to email or call the school to get needed answers to lingering questions.  If you have a question you can send it to .


When is school going to return?

As of now, the Governor’s shutdown ends on May 1, 2020. The intention is that students will return to classes on May 4. (3/31/20)


Are students able to get a school lunch?

All Bradford Students are eligible for a school lunch for free. We will be handing out lunches for all 5 weekdays starting on Monday, March 23. Please RSVP with the school office (937)448-2719 or (937)448-2811 before 10am on Monday. Lunches will be available in the park between 11:15am and 11:45am. If you live outside of the village and inside our district, we can deliver your lunch to you. (3/22/20)


When will athletics resume?

At this, the OHSAA has stated that we are in a no-contact period until May 1. If you have any other questions about athletics contact your coach or Chloe Shell ( (3/31/20)

Will we still have Spring Break?

As of now there has been no change to change Spring Break. Bradford’s Spring Break will run from April 9 through April 16. During this time there will be no online instruction (3/31/20)


My child is a senior. Will they still graduate on time?

According to the Ohio Department of Education, the state has promised “significant flexibility in the graduation requirements of the Class of 2020.” At this time we are still waiting on further instruction as to what this means.  Students are still expected to work on earning credits through their online/distance learning. If a student has Odysseyware to complete credits, they are expected to complete these at this time as well. Bradford Schools have not yet made any decisions about this year's commencement ceremony. (3/18/20)


How will this shutdown affect testing?

According to the Ohio Department of Education, no testing will occur during the shutdown and the spring testing window will be delayed.

Information from the Ohio Department of Education…”The most important consideration at this time should be the health and safety of students and of the community. Obviously, no state testing will take place during the closure period. The Ohio Department of Education will take appropriate action to adjust the state’s testing schedule (both in terms of administration and reporting) to accommodate the three-week closure. The intention is to be as flexible as possible. We will be asking the U.S. Department of Education for the maximum flexibility in accommodating the current circumstances.
Many, but not all, juniors have completed the state-sponsored SAT or ACT. The Department of Education is committed to working with vendors to identify additional testing opportunities. Additional information regarding assessment timelines and the return of results will be shared when available.”


“Previously scheduled Ohio State Test (OST) and End-of-Course (EOC) test windows will be

delayed.” (3/18/20)


Will Bradford still have Prom this year?

At this time, no decision has been made about Prom. (3/18/20)


Will class time be made up during the summer or is it possible that the school year will be extended?

Students are receiving instruction during this time and as of today, will not have to make up the time missed (3/18/20)


How is Bradford Schools making their decisions?

The School Board, Superintendent and Administration continues to monitor and follow guidance from our Local and State Boards of Health, the Department of Education and the Governor’s Office as well as guidance from the Center for Disease Control and other Federal Agencies. (3/18/20)


What if my student’s Chromebook needs repaired?

If there is a repair needed for the Chromebook, please call the HS Office (937)448-2719 or the Elementary Office (937)448-2811. They will put you in touch with Tristan Ramsey who will be able to help you. All broken Chromebooks will need to be dropped off at the office between 8:10am and 3:10pm Monday through Friday. Please call ahead, since there are some fixes that can be made rapidly. Please be aware that we have few loaners so your student may not be able to acquire a loaner Chromebook during this time. (3/18/20)


Are teachers available during this time?

All teachers should be available to answer questions through e-mail from 8:10am-3:10pm Monday through Friday. If you can not e-mail a question, please call the HS Office (937)448-2719 or the Elementary Office (937)448-2811 and the available staff will pass on the question to the teacher and an answer will be provided. Please be patient, since our teachers may be helping other students, but if you do not receive an answer within a day, please contact the office. (3/18/20)


Will there be kindergarten screening? 

 At this time kindergarten screening for the school year 20-21 has been delayed. More information will come as soon as it is available. (3/3020)