Bradford Schools Restart FAQ

Last Updated: 8/4/2020 7:18 PM

Bradford Exempted Village School District

ReStart Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


For questions, please email Joe Hurst, superintendent at 


Q - I see the HS/JH will have a different dismissal time.  Will the elementary school have a different time as well?

A - No...The dismissal time at the JH/HS was altered as a product reducing class sizes in that portion of the school.  Since the elementary school could find a different method of reducing class sizes it was only needed in the JH/HS to dismiss students earlier than the typical 3:10.  Buses will run at the normal times, but those JH/HS students with non-bus transportation will be able to leave school grounds at dismissal 


Q - Will the students in the junior high and high school ¨overflow¨ area be the same students each day or will they rotate?

A - Students will rotate with exceptions to volunteers and success levels


Q - Why is the start date going to be postponed?

A - Just recently we had a request from the Health Director to postpone the start date of the school until after the Labor Day.  This will keep our students from going from one group of people to another and would almost certainly identify any potential COVID Infections before we begin school. 


Q-What will happen with the Junior High/High School who can’t walk or drive home at 2:20?

A- Those students will be in a socially distanced study hall until 3:10.


Q- If the starting date is moved from August 26 to September 8, when will the last day of school be? When will graduation be?

A - If the current calendar proposal is adopted at the Aug. 4, 2020 Board meeting, the end of the school year will be June 3 (assuming no additional days for calamity make ups) and graduation on the original date of June 29 (seniors would be exempt from the last four days of school).


Q-Are students required to wear masks in school?

A - The school district will require masks when ordered by the state or local health authorities. 


Q- Will masks be provided?

A - It is expected that students carry a mask at all times and it is the responsibility of the family to provide masks.  Bradford will have a limited supply of masks available to students for emergency situations. The school district will require masks when ordered by the state or local health authorities.


Q- Will I still be able to bring in treats for my child’s birthday?

A - In an effort to minimize exposure to any unnecessary germs, visitors to the school will be kept to a minimum.  However parents can drop off pre-packaged food to the elementary office.


Q-If I don’t feel comfortable sending my kids to school, will there be an online option?

A - For students with a medical need, an online option will be available.  Please contact your principal for further details


Q- If my student is using the online option, will they still be able to participate in extracurricular activities at the school?

A - Students using the online option will still be considered Bradford students and will be treated as a traditional student.  As long as eligibility standards and participation qualifications are met, they will have the same opportunities  


Q - Are volunteers able to work in the classrooms?

A - Unfortunately we want to minimize the exposure of students to outside forces.  Volunteers and classroom visitors will be discouraged


Q - Is my Edison student needs to be at both schools at the same time?

A - College courses will take priority, but we will do whatever is necessary to accommodate schedules


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