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Everything the Athletic Boosters accomplish over the years has been done with volunteers who are devoted to seeing our children succeed.  Now and in the future we will be working with our school administrators to provide the very best facilities possible for our athletes.  The Athletic Boosters encourage and appreciate your participation as a volunteer, as many people are needed to run this organization.  Without the purchase of fundraiser items sold, volunteers working the concession stands, and monetary donations from  businesses and/or families, all projects that have been done by the Athletic Boosters would not have been possible.  The Bradford Athletic Boosters would like to thank the community for their continued support over the years. 


There is a Booster meeting the last Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the High School Media Center.  Anyone with an interest in the Athletic  Programs at Bradford, regardless of whether you have school age children, are encouraged to join and provide their input.  We are always looking for new members, please come to the next meeting and get involved.


Volunteers Needed

Concession stand are workers needed for all sporting events.  In order for our organization to be successful, we rely on support from our community.  We ask that parents volunteer to work in the concession stand at least once during each season their child is involved in.  We also request that whenever possible, parents volunteer to work an event that your child is not involved in.  Stop by the concession stand to sign up or call one of the officers and let them know you are interested in working. 



     President - Brian Crickmore, 423-4712

     Vice President - Shawn Cottrell, 564-7973

     Treasurer - Tracy Barhorst, 564-1106

     Treasurer of Special Accounts - Don Stump, 307-2029

     Secretary - Machelle Manuel, 217-1183

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