Accelerated Reader (AR)

Students are required to read books independently.  Due to this, Bradford has the AR program.  AR (Accelerated Reader) is where students find books at their level and then take tests.  After each test, points are given.  Students in each class are required to earn a specific number of points each month. Students can get books at the school library and the public library. 

AR books at the public library– All books are coded with colored stickers on the spine of the book.  They are arranged by author’s last name.  There are also Easy Readers (for students who are too old for picture books-but chapter books may be too hard).  Easy Readers have an E on the spine.  Along with the colored sticker for what kind of book it is, there will be a speeding red book on the spine for AR books.  If you spot a speeding red book, it will have initials below it.  The initials are AR for accelerated reader, RL for reading level, and PTS for the amount of points the book is worth.  Make sure you find an AR book that is at your child’s reading level.  

Teachers set aside time each day for students to take AR tests.  You can sign up for alerts each time your child takes a quiz.  Here is a link to the website:

Your child's teacher has his/her username and password.

Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.